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iiS Fast Track Room Booking Features FAQ's

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions which come up about Fast Track Help Desk are listed below. This list changes often, and if you have a question which is not listed, please email it to us.

Features FAQs

Will the software highlight problem calls?

Yes. Fast Track Help Desk uses traffic-lighting to show which jobs have gone past the recommended time frame and might become problematic, often referred to as Escalation and Jeopardy.

Can I add costs to a job?

Yes, costs can be added to a job. Fast Track Help Desk will allow you to add all parts, labour and material costs to a job and calculate the totals for you.

Can Fast Track Help Desk make Invoices?

Yes, the software houses a Work Invoicing section which generates invoices and keeps records of their progress.

Will the software help with Stock Control?

Fast Track Help Desk takes into account all stocks of parts and updates stock levels when a job is completed.

Can I create reports?

Yes. Fast Track Help Desk lets you create reports with its report builder based on SQL. There are also a number of reports which come as standard including many Job Analysis statements.

Technical FAQs

On what databases does the software run?

Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server

Will it integrate with my email system?

Yes, as long as you have an email account then application can send confirmation emails to the parties concerned.

Is there any limit to the number or resources I can add to Fast Track Help Desk?

No, you may add as many resources as you need.

Is there any limit to the number or calls Fast Track Help Desk will handle?

No the software will handle as many calls as you can enter.

Pricing & Support FAQs

How much does Fast Track Help Desk cost?

Fast Track Help Desk starts at only £495 per concurrent user. This is a one-time cost.
A 3 concurrent-user pack can be bought for £1295, and a 10 concurrent-user pack for £2495.
A yearly fee of 20% of the software price is additional, for the Support and Updates contract

Can I add additional user licenses after my original purchase?

Additional licenses can be bought as and when needed. Simply contact iiS for further information or to purchase additional licenses.

Where can I buy Fast Track Help Desk?

iiS believes in keeping software costs low. In order to do this we sell our software in-house and cut-out any middle-man fees.
To make a purchase simply click ‘Buy FTHD’ in the main menu to the left and follow the instructions.

What about support and upgrades?

Annual email support plus updates is £99 per concurrent user (20% of licences’ cost per year). Updates can be purchased separately when required for £50 per user.

What about training?

If you feel you would need training then it can be performed either in person or over the Web. In person training costs £695 per day, plus expenses. Web based training costs £250 for a 2-hour session (often held with a small group with speakerphone at the user end).

Is a complicated installation involved?

Not at all. Installation is fully automatic from an Install-Shield type application and is performed in virtually no time at all.