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PPM Task Colour-Coding
BENEFIT: Saves time and money by making operators, service providers and customers visually aware of responsibilities, patterns and exceptions.  

Task Colour-Coding Movie
Multiple colour schemes for PPM Task Dates
PPM initiatives can represent very large sets of data, encompassing many assets, PPM processes and PPM tasks. Effective management of the task data is made easier by using graphical representations, which utilise different colour-coding schemes. Fast Track PPM includes many colour-coding schemes, and users can switch between them when necessary.
Contractor and Service-Provider Colour-Coding
In this scheme, each contractor and service-provider is given a colour in the background data (see inset above). the PPM Tasks can then easily be identified by contractor.
Combined Contractor and Standard Colour-Coding
Fast Track PPM's standard colour-coding uses green for normal jobs and red for dates which fall on public holidays. In each case, a light colour shows PPM Task Dates with jobs assigned, a dark colour  future PPM Task Dates with no jobs assigned yet. The smaller overlaid squares show the contractor colour. The inset shows the colour-coding menu.
Out-of-Hours / Permit-to-Work / Normal Colour-Coding
In Fast Track PPM's Task Manager, any task can be designated as an out-of-hours task, or requiring a permit to work, or both. The inset in the image above shows the applicable part of the Task Manager view. In this scheme, the green squares are "normal hours", and the red squares are "out of hours" The small blue overlaid squares indicate that a permit to work is required, which can of course occur in combination with the in/out of hours colour.